Police Chief and Sister Lois



Chief of Police Art Howell is pictured here on Monument Square with Sister
Lois after speaking at a Racine Interfaith Coalition prayer service, held at
The Greater Mount Eagle Baptist Church, 929 State St., where Keith Evans is
the Pastor.

A Presidential Portrait

FB_IMG_1461849150654-2This family portrait was drawn by Lashell Howard Clewis, who lives in Milwaukee WI. She is 43 years old. She drew her inspiration from the photo at bottom, which features President Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, and their two daughters, Malia and Sasha.


by Tom Kral

The rim of the great orb gleams over the far horizon,

like a colossal eyelid slowly rising.

Golden streamers radiate across

an azure and emerald sea while

softly shadowed mounds of sand

begin to scintillate a rose-colored glow.
Languidly lapping surf

teases along the shoreline

as dampened flora rises to attention

before the ineluctable dawn.

The air is sweet and water-scented,

offering a warm embrace of comfort and promise.

Walkways and thoroughfares shine

with lingering dew as tri-color

bunting, flags and banners flutter

silent greetings to the early-arriving throng.

Families adorned in patriotic hues

advance purposefully,

clutching cargoes of bottles,

blankets and folded chairs

as children chatter and bounce

excitedly, tugging at restraining hands.

It is daybreak, the Fourth of July.

TomKralTom Kral is a third generation resident of Racine and has written for the Racine Mirror nearly since its inception. He writes of his work: “This poem attempts to convey impressions of two of my favorite aspects of Racine, one cultural, one natural—the Fourth of July parade and the waterfront of Lake Michigan. No celebration better reflects the breadth and diversity of our community, nor could one imagine a more wondrous venue. Here we all come together in the spirit of unity to honor the birth of our nation.”